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The history of Bugatti GT cars dates back to 1990 when Bugatti Ettore produced the first 4-valve engines.  This was a 300 kg car that was capable of doing 30bhp. This made this car the world’s fastest at that time. At the 1911 Prix at Le Mans, the car emerged second. On average Bugatti was able to win 24 Grand Prix victories.

After the demise of Bugatti in 1947, his fame started declining and at some point, the production was halted in the 50s. In 1987 Romano Artioli took over the Bugatti name and came up with Bugatti Automobili SpA.

This company produced and marketed technically advanced sports cars which had a very good reputation worldwide but came in the market at the wrong time when the world was facing some kind of a recession.

Volkswagen purchased all the rights to the Bugatti name. He started producing the Bugatti EB118 which was a touring saloon. This car was unveiled in Paris at one of the Paris Auto Show.  Subsequent years saw EB218 and 18/3 Chiron produced.

In 2005, Bugatti was able to unveil one of their ambitious projects which were 8.0l W16 quad. This car was able to produce 986 BHP. This car was referred to Veyron named after Veyron who was one of his drivers. The Veyron became a household name since it was the fastest car in the world at that time. Its top speed stood at 408.47 km/h.

This speed has stood its ground since then and has only been surpassed by Veyron SuperSport and hypercar models that were based on Veyron.

The Bugatti EB110 is one of the technical marvel cars offered in Monacco, the car had an excellent body which was still in factory condition. Even the outside part which was aging still looks stunning and unique. The car has fixed headlights which are similar to Ferraris 512 m but were a little bit longer.

On the outside, the car boasts of some packing headlights with lenses. It also has a number of projector lights. On the hooped sides, the Bugatti has an air duct of some kind which resembles the ones on the front of Ferrari Enzo.

The EB110GT boasts of a nose dive front that is fairly sharp. This is what gives this supper car a wedge-like design. The grill on the front end has been integrated with the bumper giving this car a two-bar style. The grille has air ducts that cool the braking system.

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