FIA GT1 World Championship-Best Tournament to Have a GT Race

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FIA GT1 World Championship was among the car racing series that was developed by the SRO group. The championship featured GT1 categories and GT2 categories. In 2012, SRO decided that this championship would be contested only with GT3 spec cars. The 2012 season was featured by GT1 cars as well but the cost was a little bit high.

The FIA GT1 world championship holds its races in a number of countries with every event consisting of two races. It goes through the knock-out system in which cars that perform poorly are eliminated. Those that qualify are allowed to move to the second round. During the race, each car is required to change the tires and the drivers at least once.

Among the manufacturers that participated in the inaugural FIAGTI championship were Maserati, Corvette, and Aston Martin. The 2010 season championships were crowned in Argentina following the qualifying race that took place on December 5th, 2010.  This race was won by Andrea Bertolinii and Michael Bartels. Vitaphone Racing won the teams’ category with Aston martin earning the SRO trophy. In 2011 there were a total of 18 cars from 5 manufacturers.

The FIA GT1 world championship in DininGTon Park remains one of the best races considering the firms that took part in this championship. The firms include Avon Tyres British GT championship, Cooper Tires British F3 International series which were all incorporated in FIA GT1. SRO who is the championship promoter has requested for new circuits to be looked for so as to make the FIA GT1 exciting.

Among the Showcases in the championship includes Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mclaren Ford GT, BMW, Audi, and Ferrari. This is the race one expects to see top-flight racing because it is one of the championships that already have everything prepared in advance and has a very big market of supporters who are willing and ready to be part of this top-quality event.

FIA GTI boasts of great teams with exotic race cars taking part in the championship. This is why the championships attract a host of supporters.

In most cases, tickets are sold in advance at prices that are determined by the circuit pursued. The championships are special to those who are under the age of 16 because if they are in the company of adults they do not pay. Other FIA GT series that you can’t afford to miss include Nogaro where Sebastien Loeb and Alvaro Parente will be taking part.

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