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GT car championship refers to a number of distinct racing competitions which heavily modified and which occur in different countries. This championship is popular in Brazil, Italy, Japan, Britain, Australia, and Scandinavia. This is a race that is well supported and is more thrilling at the points at which the cars overtake each other. In these championships, overtaking is allowed.

The championships consist of sprint races and at least one endurance race which takes between 3 and 24 hours. The championships test a number of things ranging from the reliability of the pit crew and the driver’s speed. The championship also tests the driver’s speed.

The rules for the championships vary from one country to another. One may heavily modify the body of his car as well as the engine, brakes tires, and wheels. In some cases, one may make use of aerodynamics aids which may be added to the rear or the front of the cars.  

GT Car Championship is run at a number of international racing facilities. In the world championships, the 1.6-liter cars which are built to fit supper 2000 regulations are normally featured. . The engine capacity regulations have so far changed and only 1600 cc turbo engine cars are highly featured.

GT Car Championship in Britain competes in nine circuits with cars built to super 2000 specifications as well as next-generation Touring cars. The car that may be featured in this championship includes 2.0-liter cars with a power of 200 kW. Entries from MG and Honda are featured in this series. Other private entries that participate in this championship include BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, and Audi. The Next-generation touring was introduced in 2011 was meant to cut down the cost and improve the sport further.

In Russia, GT Car Championship is featured in the Russian Touring Car Championship and was created way back in 2004 RTCC  brings on board the best drivers and the technical staff in Russia. It attracts a number of spectators and features four disciplines National class, Touring –light, super–production, and touring.

This series feature grids of about 28 cars with cars whose power is 480 kW. The cars range from Holden Commodores to Ford falcons.  The weight limit for this V8 Supercar has been put at 1,350 kg. Sometimes back, these cars were billed making them heavier, faster, bigger, and powerful among all the touring cars.

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