Honda EV: Cheap Electric Cars For Sale?

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One of the reasons in the past why electric cars are not really practical options for the average car owner is the fact that it is too expensive. Over the years, researches were made in order to provide an economical electric car. Honda today is trying to develop a car that can easily make its name one of the best environmentally friendly brands. They have the potential of doing this because of the plan to release the Honda EV. Honda Fit EV is going to be the cheapest electric car in the market in case all plans worked for Honda.

Given the 123 horsepower generated by the Honda Electric Vehicle, this car is a great product on its own. With a motor fed by a 20-kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery pack, it is sufficient to run as much as 123 miles without having to recharge the vehicle.

Based on the consumption figure of a 29-kilowatt hour per 100 miles this is far more efficient than the Nissan Leaf. Nissan Leaf can run around 34-kilowatt hours per 100 miles.

A Fit That Runs on Electricity

The Honda Fit is a great car that has been loved by many car enthusiasts. The Honda Fit EV is also expected to be one of the hallmarks of this year’s electric cars. Though the car didn’t reach 90 miles per hour for its top speed, it is still a strong performance for the car, given the fact that it is being run by electricity and not by petrol. There is also a sports mode that you can choose from.

The sport mode offers an aggressive setup in terms of pedaling and providing extra power. There will only be 1100 cars available in the US market. Though there is no price tag yet, there is already a great number of interested parties willing to lease on the vehicle.

Why is Honda Planning to take on Cheap Electric Vehicles?

From the Z4 of BMW to the Toyota hybrid cars, there is the growing popularity of cars that have been powered by sustainable sources of energy. Gone are the days when petrol is the only option to have a high-performance vehicle.

Though the Honda Fit EV is far from a Tesla GT car, this is the start of bigger things to come not only for the Honda GT cars but also for the different types of regular vehicles released by the company.

Honda is now on the right track to becoming relative to the market of environmentally friendly cars. Hydrogen-powered vehicles, as well as those using Lithium-ion batteries, are fast becoming the headline of many car magazines. Thanks to the battery pack utilized on Honda EV, this car is not far from reaching success in the next months to come. Estimated at a $399 lease for the Honda EV for the upcoming months, this is a great car to look into.

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