Maserati Defects: 692 Recalls Made in China

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The Maserati is the epitome of any person’s dream car. When you have these cars in your garage, you are guaranteed to get the attention of people when you run your vehicle on the road. But what if your car is spending more time being repaired despite being new? There are growing legal consultants in California that are now planning to consolidate Maserati customers to sue the company for the defective cars. It makes a great point especially if you paid a great amount of money for a dream car like the Maserati. Maserati avoided these incidences by being preventive.

Recently, due to the outrage of Chinese Maserati owners, the company decided to recall around 692 cars. The company recalled the Quattroporte and the Maserati Granturismo to look into the possible substandard rear suspension.

This defect can possibly dwindle the car out of control and, therefore, risk your safety. If your car was manufactured from July 31, 2003, to September 25, 2008, you would want to call Maserati now to have it checked. This embarrassing situation forced Maserati to replace the old defective parts for free.

What Prompted the Maserati Recall?

High-end Italian car manufacturing firms like Maserati invest a great amount of money on the best customer service. In fact, they learned that there was a usual volume of complaints regarding the car’s suspension. They learned that the corrosion was happening at a faster rate mainly because of the lack of anti corrosion material. The zinc-nickel anti-corrosion material is a must for the Maserati in order to avoid rusts from taking place. This guarantees the best performance.

With a spike in the warranty claims, the company opted to solve the problem by recalling the rest of the vehicles than waiting for the complaints to escalate. The Italian car manufacturing company protected the reputation by declaring its intention to fix the problems.

Not the First Time?

The case of Maserati getting their products recalled is not the first in history. Companies faced with these situations have “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” options. Going for a recall is the best thing to do since it still has a silver lining of leaving a good impression among buyers. For instance, General Motors in the past recalled around 3.66 million units for their Chevrolet Avalanche and Escalade. Though it hurt the wallet of General Motors, it is important to prioritize the brand’s reputation. Also, if the customers’ safety is already jeopardized, the company needs to act quickly in order not to tarnish the brand for good.

Another case of recall is the windshield wiper defects found on the Volkswagen, which resulted in 3.7 million recalls. The error wasn’t even mechanical in nature. The windshield wiper was simply falling off after a few years. Volkswagen agreed to recall and replace the necessary parts without charging additional fees.

Despite years of research and quality control, there will always be room for error. On the part of the car manufacturing companies like Maserati, it is a good idea always to seek the approval of their market. Instead of further tarnishing their reputation by covering up the defects, it is a good idea to admit the mistake and simply rectify them.

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