Mercedes CLA 220 CDI In Review

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Mercedes is known to provide only the best especially when it comes to the CLA class. The new compact four-door Mercedes is looking good and could even equate to the sales of the CLS. The Mercedes CLA 220 CDI provides everything that you would want to have in a car. With a stylish hatchback body, combined with its curves and coupe roofline, it is engineering at its finest.

With an A-class front and an overall look that is reminiscent of a coupe, a lot of people are now comparing the Mercedes Benz to a Volkswagen. A lot of hardcore Mercedes fans are not happy with what they saw with the CLA 220 CDI because of this. There are some reviews that are even mentioning the squeaky air vents that are not at par with what they expect from a Mercedes Benz.

On the other hand, if there is anything that any driver would like about the Mercedes CLA 220 CDI is the fact that it has a tablet-style screen. With an optional COMAND Online multimedia system, what you have on your car could even be improved.

Numbers that Matter

 With a 2143 cc engine and a speed that can run from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.2 seconds, this car falls short of what an impressive car is. It was even trimmed as a sporty vehicle by the German automotive industry. In terms of fuel economy though, the car is a great vehicle for its kind. It has 67 miles per gallon fuel economy rating as well as 117 g/km CO2 emission.

How about the Price?

Pegged at £31,555, this car falls on the right spot where Mercedes wants it to be. The seats of the CLA 220 CDI are sporty that can accommodate enough legroom and support on your back. 

Is this worth it? Considering the sluggish start of the Mercedes compared to the other CLA class vehicles, they could have done better. Though the seven-speed gearbox will guarantee you the success that handling that you ever wanted from a Mercedes, it is not just enough.

If these are the things that you are going to see from the Mercedes CLA, it could easily be defeated by the likes of BMW. This could be the main reason why critics are comparing the Mercedes CLA to a Volkswagen rather than a Jaguar or a BMW.

Handling wise, the car isn’t also at par with what you can get from the past Mercedes cars. The suspension, the overall look, it is just far too loose for the standard of the company.

The GT market is now becoming a stiff ocean for car manufacturing companies. Gone are the days when they can slack off. There is a need always to deliver the best to their market.  So is it really that bad? Mercedes is simply one of the best to have a mediocre design.

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