The 2015 CrossBlue Concept of Volkswagen

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Being the 3rd largest automaker around the globe, Volkswagen never fails to impress people with its impeccable auto performance. In fact, the company has three cars on the list of top 10 selling cars; the Beetle, the Passat, and the Golf. We all know that Volkswagen has a strong background when it comes to researches; the company spends a lot of money on an automaker just to ensure their product is the next big hit.

Now, Volkswagen has a new concept that is to be launch in the year 2015. This is the newest and most talked-about the concept of the company, it is no other than the Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept.

This concept is intended for American and Canadian customers while the Australian Volkswagen is still trying their best to allow this same concept to be launched in Australia. This concept presents a three-row middle-sized SUV type, electric hybrid diesel crossover minivan.

It is said that this concept is a mixture of both the Touareg and Tiguan. It will surely come in an attractive color and with a horsepower of 415 which will rival the performances of Toyota Kluger, Ford, and Hyundai Santa Fe.

Base on the presentation of the concepts, this auto is capable as an EV of 21 miles, its inner looks or interior comes with smooth lining which uses high-end materials such as the Nappa leather. When it comes to lighting, this one has ambient lights and features a start-up button. This car simply starts its engine and lifts into a position which is honestly very impressive.

The CrossBlue Concept presents users with impeccable power performance; it uses a lithium-ion battery which said to have 9.8 kWh and a 54 electric power motor.

This car concept is not just about showing up but more on practicality yet will set a trend that will leave consumers wanting it. When it comes to size, this car has a length of 4987mm, its width measures 2015mm while its height measures 1733mm. This means that this car concept has a higher, wider, and longer measurement as compared to the Tiguan.

The CrossBlue’s outer look is eye-catching, with its metal shining, leather materials used, a wood veneer, and some glass inlays there’s nothing more that needs to be re-done.

When it comes to space, this one can cater up to 7 people. Two seats in front, 3 in the middle part, and another 2 at the back. Note too that along with its 7 seats are roomy spaces where passengers can relax and ride with sufficient leg and headspaces. I’m sure all passengers will feel comfortable. So if you’re after for a car that will satisfy your luxurious yet practical needs, this might be the concept you need and in 2015 this may be available for you to try.

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