The 2015 Hyundai Genesis: A Change You’ve Been Waiting For

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The 2015 Hyundai Genesis was said to be created to compete with other high-end vehicle cars in the market such as the BMW, the Lexus, the Mercedes, and even the Cadillac.

Although the 2015 predecessor was already a spectacular car, Hyundai wants something more than just being a luxury car, therefore the 2015 Hyundai Genesis will overpower its predecessor.

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis will give you a whole new feel may it be inside or out. Hyundai announced that this vehicle will have a total makeover and will look even better! According to a few chosen people who have had the chance to check out the new model, at first glance you will really notice an impeccable quality.

After checking on its exterior look, you will be happy to know that this luxurious vehicle was able to maintain its quality on its interior parts.

You will feel the plush leather materials once you’re seated and you will be amazed by how beautiful the wood trim.

The door of this vehicle exudes high quality, aside from its high-end materials; the door produces impressive sound every time you close it. It comes with an authoritative sound. Drivers are not the only ones to be pampered when riding this car, even passengers will be comforted accordingly because of its undeniably cozy and comfy passenger seats which have enough space to rest. It comes with armrests, and its window frame is said to be expansive.

Performance-wise, this sedan offers you 429 HP with a 5.0-liter V8 engine. It uses an 8-speed transmission which is automatic and it seems that this car has more power to give.

The braking system used is automatic and surprisingly, this vehicle runs quietly. When it comes to its gadgets, you will have to expect a lot from it. You will not doubt the quality, the experience you will have and the performance Hyundai 2015 Genesis will give you.

Overall, this luxury car is not just about impressing everyone with its new design and large interior space, it was created differently to compete with other high-end cars. Hyundai is a company known for producing economical cars, and the 2015 Hyundai Genesis is a big step and it seems that they are out to prove everyone that they too are capable of producing more than just economic cars.

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