The Small but Impeccable Nissan Micra

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Are you looking for the lightest car in the market right now? A car that is so light it works simply with just the push of a button. Nowadays, people are searching for cars that are big and high end however Nissan has something that may not be big yet its features are impeccable. The car I’m referring to is the Nissan Micra which won the Gold Star Value award in 2012. So if you want to own a car that is light, affordable, and convenient to use, the Nissan Micra is your choice.

Intelligent Key System

One of the Nissan Micra’s impressive features is the use of the “Intelligent Key” system. This system is perfect for those who are tired of fumbling keys, especially when you have a lot of things to carry and you can’t just simply open the car door. This intelligent key system requires the car driver to store or place the advanced key in his pocket when unlocking car doors and starting it. So if you hold the door lid of your car it automatically unlocks without the need of a key.

The best part of this system is its capacity to power on your automobile’s engine without actually sticking your car key in its ignition.

The Driving Computer that Could Lessen Your Burden

Who would have thought that a car is capable of reminding you of your errands or even anniversary? Yes, the Nissan Micra has the capacity to remind its owner of his important errands or even events thanks to its programmable feature. The Micra routinely checks on fuel consumption so as to avoid hassles.

Comfy Space

It may look small on the outer but once inside, this Micra is unbelievably roomy. It comes with 60/40 seats that are perfect even for heavyweight passengers.

In fact, such seats can be folded down if needed to provide extra space when not occupied. Because it comes with 5 doors, passengers are assured that this small looking car may not be as small as they think it is.

Impressive Turning Circle

Unlike other big and bulky cars, the Nissan Micra is capable of turning only at 9 meters. Imagine driving this car on a narrow road, turning back is quite easy to do. No pressure and above all, it will make one’s journey smooth and easy.

Additional Technology

The Nissan Micra is already filled with impressive technologies however the new version is packed with even delightful features such as its USB port for entertainment purposes, music, and movies.

This one has a media touch screen and Auxillary input intended for audio purposes.

Go Light!

Going for a lighter and affordable car is a win-win situation. Not only will you be able to save money and lower your expenses, but you are also at the same time gaining a lot out of its features that are not mostly found in big cars. The Nissan Micra is truly one of the most practical and affordable cars in the market, getting one of this will surely be a good choice.

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