Volvo and Smart Phone Self-Parking Prototype

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Volvo is the car that you want to purchase if you are safety conscious. In fact, despite having the reputation of being a soccer mom’s car, this brand is the vehicle of choice if you are pretty much interested in the newest technologies. If there is anything that can make the process easier for everybody, it would have to be a self-parking car. If you think of a hard to operate a vehicle for this prototype by Volvo, then you may have to think again. What Volvo is trying to make is a car that can easily be parked using an iPhone app. This self-parking prototype is expected to be received positively by a great number of people.

Come to think of it, how many scratches have you had with your car because of your inability to park? Or maybe, just how much are you paying now on your car insurance because of miscalculations? Volvo is trying to produce a car that can easily revolutionize the way we drive. In fact, you don’t have to drive.

How does it work?

All that you need to do is to turn the mobile app. The vehicle will be using the sensors to detect anything that can get in the way. However, when you get back to your car, the car will actually be going on manual again.

So what is the catch with this self-parking prototype? Volvo Senior Safety Advisor Thomas Broberg mentioned that the technology is still under the testing phase. There must be compatibility between the vehicle and infrastructure in order for the mobile app to work perfectly.

Not the First

A car that runs on its own is a thing of science fiction in the past. Well, that was way until today. There are countless renovations made for the cars these days that it is now possible to remove human intervention and judgment in driving.

There are already things being tested to automate driving. In fact, Google is already trying to remove the human factor in driving in its headquarters, in California.

Audi and Google teamed up have to develop a self-driving prototype. The thing with automated parking and driving in particular is that there should be some form of quality testing.

The end-users need to be sure of the level of reliability of these cars. There is always that chance for a glitch or a factory defect. These things can potentially end their lives.

The concept of valet parking was taken to a new level by Volvo. The system will allow the driver to watch the car to find its own space without any effort. In a world that is smartphone-centric, it is a great innovation on the part of Volvo. Not only do they claim the safest car title but they are also inching closer to becoming one of the most innovative brands in the market today.

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