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Car companies always make it a point to deliver new models of cars per year and that is just normal considering that the competition is quite stiff out there. In order to be one of the most outstanding cars in the market, a car company should provide users with not just a satisfying look but also impressive performance. Let’s take a peek at the 2014 Jeep Cherokee and see what it brings in the table.

Safety is one of the highly sought after feature of a car and Jeep Cherokee can offer users the highest safety standards possible. This jeep vehicle provides 70 safety features.

To help users park their cars with ease and comfort, this one has a parallel, perpendicular, front, and rear park assist feature. A blind-spot monitoring feature or BSM, detecting abilities when there is something across the car, sensors to assist drivers in blind spots, and of course the presence of airbags which totals to 10 standard bags; including the side thorax and a lot more of safety equipment that will 100% protect drivers and passengers in it.

Now that we know this is a safe vehicle to drive around, let’s check if its exterior is perfect to the parade. The Jeep Cherokee definitely has the looks; it is pretty much sculpted to grab attention. It comes with a modern tough design with the bold Jeep brand right in front. This vehicle is not just looks and safety, when it comes to power and performance this car will leave you speechless. It uses advanced 4×4 systems. This means this is perfect for low range rocky drive and for any type of weather. Because it uses Trailhawk, this car works at its best in any off-road and rugged trails.

The driver can select the type of path or terrain system to use. One can select Snow terrain, Sport, Auto, Rock terrain, and Sand/Mud terrain. As mentioned, this vehicle is commendable for any weather as well as any terrain.

How about the transmission? This one uses not 8 but 9 automatic transmissions. This helps users to save fuel for about 45%. It is capable of 184 horsepower and performance is truly impressive and can even reach up to 490 hwy miles. For comfort, users will be happy to know that this jeep features a sophisticated interior, one will experience and feel high-end materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

The colors used are simple and pleasant to the eyes and most of its interior parts were hand sculpted to provide optimum comfort. The spacious room provided where legs can rest sufficiently thanks to its 2.2 inches legroom.

Hooks that come in handy can also be found inside for whatever purposes it may serve the users best plus it includes first aid kit.

Overall, this car has tons to offer, it covers all the basic and even rare needs of the driver and passengers. There’s nothing more to ask for, so if you have the budget why not try this Jeep Cherokee and see the difference.

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