Why Toyota Camry Becomes Best GT Car for Racing

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The Toyota Camry GT is a series of mid-sized Japanese automobiles made by Toyota from 1982 and sold on most of the world’s automotive markets. The nameplate “Camry” was given to a sedan with four doors and labeled as Toyota Celica Camry.

Although car fanatics claim that the Toyota Camry’s styling looks like a home machine and that its driving dynamics are far from inspiring, the same people would recommend it to their families and friends who are looking for a reasonable and dependable everyday car.

Since it was introduced to the market in 1983, almost 15 million pieces have been sold. Statistics show that about 350,000 customers have time and again purchased a Toyota Camry. It is said that the Camry is the leading car in terms of sales in the US and it sells quite well in Australia as well as in several Asian markets.

The presence of Toyota in motorsport is traceable to late 1972 when Ove Anderson, a Swedish driver drove for Toyota in Great Britain’s RAC Rally. In the 1972’s winter, Anderson went on to form Anderson Motorsport in Sweden, where he started managing a rallying program for Toyota. This move became impractical and prompted him to move base from his native country, Sweden, to Brussels, renaming the team Toyota Team Europe.

The first win for Toyota in motorsport occurred during the 1975 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland, with Hannu Mikkola and Atso Aho, who was his co-driver, winning the event in a Toyota Corolla. The team later moved to a new base in Cologne, in 1978. Toyota began gaining nonstop success in World Rally Championship mostly in long-distance rallies in Africa, where Juha Kankkunen and Björn Waldegård were most of the times at the top.

Toyota has been determined to produce new generations of Camry in line with its long reputation for excellence and dependability. It does this by increasing the number of parts it studies for flaws and tripling the on-road testing distance in comparison with previous models.

The areas that have been marked for improvement have been enhanced ride comfort and a decrease in vibration, noise, and harshness. Unnecessary road noise is damped through measures like the addition of sound-deadening materials to the rear wheel wells and employing the use of sandwiched sheet steel in the dash.

This is perhaps what makes Toyota the best racing car to date.
Toyota Camry is a difficult car to beat. For those looking for the best GT car for racing, Toyota is simply at the top of the pack.

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