Why You Should Compare Hennessey Venom GT with Bugatti Venom

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The reason why you should compare Hennessey venom with Bugatti Venom is to see how the GT performs when pitted against Venom. The drivers in both cases may be dressed adequately with each one of them having a helmet but the performance of the machine may be different. Unlike lotus the manufacturer of the venom, Hennessey does not manufacture cars but is reputed for his job as a performance enhancer. His work is to make cars run faster and puts his name on it.

Buggati take-off speed is terrific and is passenger-scary. This Veyron which is designed by VW is said to have a small but very efficient engine. The venom maximum speed goes up to 200 mph which is considered terrific and enough to make any car win any race.

The Guinness world record was set by Hennessey Venom GT after reaching 300 kph in a stunning time of 13.63 seconds. This is a very high speed that cannot be reached by any other racing car save for Bugatti Venom that was able to do 127mph in a record 11 s. The Hennessey Venom GT is therefore said to have smashed almost 8 s from the acceleration recorded by Veyron Super sport’s 200mph. 300kph in 13.63 s is like taking off from a plane carrier or being dropped off from a plane.

This acceleration has been described in some quarters as murderous that is why drivers are advised to take precautions before attempting this.

Hennessey Venom GT has also been able to clock an acceleration of 220 mph in one of the validation tests at the Texas highway. This attempt implies that the 268mph record by Vevron super sport may be broken very soon.

The Venom GT’s performance is explosive. This car power is approximately 1,244 HP which is enormous especially when we look at the weight of the car that is about 2,743 pounds. This implies that its power to weight ratio is not too much. This is the reason why we may now be able to compare Hennessey Venom GT with Bugatti Venom.

John Hennessey’s Venom has been said to be ready to destroy Bugatti’s venom attempts since 2006. The Venom GT utilizes the twin-turbo V8 engine and which boasts of direct transmission. This is perhaps what explains the acceleration this vehicle is capable of.

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