The Best Looking 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

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According to most car experts, the 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe is a perfect combination vehicle created by the BMW. While for some, this is one of the best looking. Whether you are into a cars look or maybe its performance, one thing is for sure, this vehicle will grab your attention.

So what does this model boasts of? For a start, it comes with some notable features that most car enthusiasts will not let it pass.

First, it uses a manual 6-speed transmission with OD and with the following available engines; 575 horsepower, 4.4 litre V8 and 560 horsepower, 4.4 litre V8.

It will grab your attention for it has a convertible like touch to it, a coupe like 4 doors and it uses the so called M Driving Dynamics. If you want any adjustments, you can do so for your steering and suspension. Another notable feature is its brakes which is said to be available in carbon ceramic.

If you are into speed, this 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe is said to have 500 lb-ft. maximum torque, capable of up to 1500 rpm.

Believe it or not, drivers can reach as fast as 155 to 190 mph in just a few seconds. You can certainly use this for a speed test and see how it will satisfy you. You don’t have to worry of the cars performance, despite achieving 190 mph in just seconds; the built of your car can handle it.

It comes with a good chassis that is reported to have electronic control of slip differential, it has built in shock absorbers and its rear sub frame is bolted to ensure it sticks to its body securely.

This vehicle may give you a sedan looking car if you check it from its outside frame however once you’re in it, you’ll feel like driving an entirely new type of car, the coupe moniker. If you are curious about its interior look, then please note that it comes with a low position front seat that snugs, however the rear seat is quite roomy.

It may come as a surprise but you can have a 5th person tag along with you! Its exterior look is one of its best assets with its angel eyes headlights; passersby will surely check your vehicle back and front! According to those who have tested driving this car, this is a worthy vehicle for your hundred thousand bucks! This vehicle is even considered as a nice place to hang around and spend most of your time.

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