5 Forgotten GT Cars from 1980’s

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A number of GT cars that were manufactured and raced in the 1950s have fallen into oblivion. These are exotic cars of yesteryear and have been forgotten.  Among them are the Lamborghini Countach, Porsche 959, and Ferrari Testarossa.  

These were the super GT cars of the 1950s which all living human beings that were mature enough at that time wished to drive. Their performances remain outstanding even in the 1980s when technology had advanced and had taken the motor industry to very high levels.

There are a number of cars that were manufactured at this time and which were considered exotic. They were sporty build cars that came at an exceedingly high price. The cars include;

1. The Porsche 928 GT Car

This was designed to replace the Porsche 911 and was intended to increase the brands that were available in the market. This car is considered one of the best GT cars that were ever produced.

It was a comfortable car that was fast and was good-looking. It had a fantastic engine which exerted more weight on the car since it was not hanging on the rear wheels hence the weight was considered excess and made it difficult to be handled by most drivers.

2. Detomaso Pantera

This vehicle was designed by the Americans and built in Italy. It was one of the fastest cars at that time and was in a class of its own.

3. Delorean GT Car

This is the 1981 Delorean that was manufactured in the northern part of Ireland. It was the brainchild of John Delorean and was a car that appealed to all.

When it was released in the market, the public was enthusiastic about it but later own they discovered that the car had been underpowered by its designers and was not reliable. This was what made the Dolorean Motor company collapse in 1982.

4. Ferrari Mondial

This is one of the cars that were not accorded the respect it deserved. It was manufactured in 1986 and was powered by a 270 hp engine.  This car was not only reliable but was easy to maintain. The problem with it was that the car had a 2+2 configuration and this is what made Ferrari enthusiasts,s not like it. This car gives the owner time to relax and think about other important activities since it was very reliable.

5. BMW M1

This was the first ‘’M’’ car that was powered by 273 hp and was propelled at a speed of 160 mph. it had a wedge shape styling.

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