The 2014 370Z Nismo of Nissan: What to Expect

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Nissan has great things to offer its loyal customers. The 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo is said to be something to watch out for. many claimed that this car has a lot of impressive characteristics in terms of driving and its look is simply eye-catching. So if you want to buy a car that will suit your personality, buy a car that expresses it all just like the Nissan 370Z Nismo.

Impressive Features

Features are usually the first thing people check in a car, so what has Nissan Nismo has that others don’t? This car comes with deep exhaust note and with strong and reliable brakes. When it comes to its hydraulic power, this one is very responsive plus its transmission is in manual mode. When it comes to power, it has 3.7-liter power output and a horsepower of 332 – 350.

In terms of its torque, this one has 276-pound feet. As you can see, the car’s power alone is pretty delighting.

For the car’s performance in terms of its sound engine, some claimed it’s not as impressive as it looks. The sound is not pleasant to hear despite having a totally new exhaust. Others find some intrusive noise while driving it and above all, there are tons of blind spots noticed. In terms of its performance, one can say that Nissan may have to boost its functions to reach the customer’s expectation.

Outer Look

When it comes to its look, I’m sure everyone will agree it definitely has an interesting look. Its front nose is extended and it uses 2 different accent colors of red and gray. It has the feel of a sports car and its front look comes with a chin spoiler.

It has a beautifully sculptured body with its nose formed to increase the flow of air to its engine.


Because now people are also concerned about the car’s entertainment capacity, let’s peep if this one has everything needed for enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the car doesn’t have Bluetooth capacity, no navigation equipment installed and there are no heated seats too. Obviously, this car is intended mainly for driving.

Depending on your needs, one will love this type of sports car if he or she is not interested or after for a fun ride. Judging from the cars features and accessories, you can conclude that this is intended for serious driving. If you’re someone who wants to go for looks, then this is also an attractive car you can opt for.

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