How Good Can it Be: The 2014 Lexus IS 250

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Good looks and impressive performance, the top two qualifications of most Lexus enthusiasts. But what can the 2014 Lexus IS 250 has to offer that is said to be 2 thumbs up? This car comes with great looks; its interior is well built using materials that are high end and durable. This is why most enthusiasts claimed that this car comes with world-class quality.

This car features a roomy interior consisting of 5 seats. It has 4 doors, a rear cargo/trunk, it has heated door mirrors, an impressive automatic dimming mirror which could be very pricey, a signal indicator located on its mirrors when turning and of course a power door mirrors. Base on these mirrors alone, one can say it may cost a bit higher yet it’s all worth it because of its attractive look. But how about performance?

This car uses a 2.5 litre engine with an automatic transmission available in six speeds. It has a V6 engine that is capable of up to 204 HP (Horsepower).

To make you even more interested, this sedan F sports car has a lot of things to offer such as a sunroof which obviously protects the driver from the heat of the sun, power seats that are quite roomy and comfortable. It is said to have about 2.7 inches length of the wheelbase.

This Lexus IS 250 comes with 10 built-in airbags for safety purposes, a navigation system, savvy Internet capabilities, and an impressive voice recognition feature not commonly found on other cars.

To make your ride entertaining, this one comes with good entertainment features and one of which is the use of Bluetooth.

Driving this car will make you feel secure and in charge. Even if you drive this in curves, you are assured this will stay balanced and secure most of the time considering that its steering capacity is up to par. For the navigation feature, you will be happy to know that this car uses a joystick for navigation.

In fact, if you are using an iPhone 4S, the car’s Internet applications might work quite handy for you especially when using it to listen to music.

The car has an F sport look with its headlight in LED, this may come in a little bit of a high price yet most drivers who have tested such a car claimed it’s really worth it. It also has 18 inches wheels. Overall, this car received a lot of good feedback in terms of its interior, steering capacity, and above all a smooth and impressive ride.

Although some may not find its look sporty, there are those who praise this model. Therefore, if you were to choose a new car for this coming New Year, the 2014 Lexus IS 250 is not such a bad idea plus this one comes with a lot of redesigned features.

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