Real Score on Modifying GT Cars

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Customization of cars over the last ten years grew as a full-blown industry. Due to the popularity of movies like Fast and the Furious, customized cars became attractive to owners of GT cars and mid-range vehicles. It goes to show how you can personalize your own car according to your preference. Whether you want a lifted suspension or you want to include some NOS, these are all possible with car customization procedures.

GT cars hold different markets. Depending on the marketing, these vehicles may be considered luxury brands or high-performance vehicles. There are some GT cars, however, that have been made for midrange consumers. This means that these GT cars do not cost near the $120,000 price tag of Ferraris or by Jaguars. For instance, you have the Toyota Supra GT.

The Toyota Supra is the GT car marketed for modifications. These modifications don’t necessarily mean that it will be legal. It may simply look good considering today’s pop culture. There are a lot of pros and cons to consider for changing GT cars. These changes can adversely decrease road safety, or even hamper vehicle performance. So, is it worth it for the sake of good looks?

It is time to look into the real score of modifying your GT cars. This can be a guide to anyone planning to have their GT cars modified.


Warranty is the number one thing that you need to look into. If you purchased a new car, it comes with a warranty from the factory. It is a guarantee on the part of the manufacturers that it will run smoothly. What if you already altered the vehicle? This can void the warranty of the new cars. As a solution to this problem, if you really want to modify GT cars, you want to make sure that you do it on old vehicles. Older GT cars no longer have any warranty from the automaker.

If in case you really want to modify brand new GT cars, it is suggested that you ask permission from the car manufacturer. They can guide you on which part of the car can be changed without voiding the warranty.

Are Modifications Legal?

There are some GT cars that never made it on the road because of Government standards. Keep in mind that upon registration of the car, it needs to pass all the tests and inspections. Most states for instance aim to decrease emissions. There will be instances when proposed changes on GT cars should be double-checked by agencies beforehand. This way, car owners will determine if the vehicle will still be considered legal after the modification.   Aside from emission, there are also agencies that will check for the safety of the car. If the car is going to cause problems to other vehicles, then probably its registration will be denied.

Installation of third party businesses can be dangerous. There is a need for car owners to check the internet for their reputation and experience. Also, it can be a good idea to bring another technician who can review all the installations done on the car. This can confirm if changes have been done correctly.

Modifying GT cars can be tricky. Let us accept the fact that there will be a limitation to every car’s design. Though modifications can showcase the importance of technology being adapted to older models, it is just not worth it. GT cars are better made by professionals.

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