Renault Laguna: Large Family Car and GT Car Cross Over

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Renault over the years established a reputation as one of the best in French car manufacturing companies. Founded in 1898, Renault transformed the landscape of GT car manufacturing by prioritizing the importance of technology. The Renault Laguna is one of the best examples of their engineering prowess. Because of cars like the Renault Laguna, the company became the third biggest European based car manufacturing company.

Renault Laguna is a large family car first released in 1993. Until today, the Renault Laguna is still being sold in the market. In 1990, the Renault Laguna was released as a concept car.

A lot of people confuse the Renault Laguna to the Chevrolet 70s model, Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna. In reality, these two cars are not related to each other.

In 2011, Renault announced that the car will no longer be available in the UK alongside cars like Espace, Kangoo, and Modus. The company changed its mind in February 2012. They decided to continue selling Renault Laguna along with the mentioned car models in Europe and Ireland.

1993 Laguna

The first generation Renault Laguna was meant to replace the Renault 21. The Renault Laguna was then known as a sports tourer vehicle.

Gradually, Renault applied a number of changes to the Renault Laguna. The enhancements were meant to improve the performance of the vehicle. In fact, from an inline 4 cylinder engine, the Renault Laguna ended up having a V6 engine by the year 2000.

The 1993 Renault Laguna had some changes in its style in 1998. Having different taillights and a hatchback look, the vehicle legitimized its sporty appeal. Since the Laguna came out in both diesel and gasoline engines, the manufacturer enjoyed more freedom to market the car depending on consumer preference in each country.

Modernized Renault Laguna

By the year 2000, GT car enthusiasts have found the new Renault Laguna better than the first version. In fact, this was the reaction of Renault to many critics who thought that the 1990s model wasn’t really at par with the standards set by the company over the years.

Sharing a chassis with the Nissan Primera, the new Renault Laguna became an easy pick for the sporty car market. Another thing that made the Renault Laguna II successful was the fact that it was considered the very first car to receive a 5-star rating from EuroNCAP for crash test results.

The Renault Laguna became the safest car when it was released in 2000. These things made the Renault Laguna II a commercial success.

Despite the success of the Renault Laguna on the GT car market, Renault still decided to improve the GT car. The goals for the changes were addressed to add comfort to the driving experience. Also, the new features include better security than past models. Lastly, to enhance the aerodynamic design, there were some modest re-designs on the air intake.

The Laguna III, released in 2007, runs the most recent version of the Renault Laguna series. Having a more aggressive front for aerodynamic purposes, this car is known for its classier look. Since the Renault Laguna cars were already known for safety since 2000, this is also considered as a great family car.

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