1950s Puma Sports: Backyard GT Design Review

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Rare cars can sometimes be expensive. Limited edition race cars by Lamborghini, McLaren, and other popular car manufacturing brands can sometimes be so rare that you may have to spend $600,000. If you think that only big car manufacturing companies have the capacity to have their own rare racing car, wait until you hear about Frank Cantwell.

Ever since Henry Ford popularized the availability of cars in the market, the backyard-designed cars have been stopped. Over the years, the car manufacturing industry boomed as people simply purchase a car that they prefer.

Puma Sports is different since it has been designed from scratch. If you think that DIY construction will not look good, you are definitely mistaken. The 1950s Puma Sports is a performance savvy car that has been designed from scratch to its final form.

The chassis of the car was taken from a bigger car manufacturing company. Thanks to the presence of fiberglass, the body of Puma Sports was designed with precision. Do not be confused though with the name. Some people confuse Puma Sports with the Ford Puma produced from 1997 to 2001.

Frank Cantwell and His Passion for Cars

Created by Frank Cantwell, this car was the only car that came from Cantwell Cars Ltd. Though you don’t hear Frank Cantwell’s name that much, his creation triggered the imagination of car enthusiasts. Frank Cantwell is a legit car enthusiast who has a taste for unique and performance-savvy vehicles.

If you can’t get the car that you want, why not build your own? The Puma Sports is a beautiful 1953 car that was built from fiberglass and powered by an Austin engine. Though only six were produced in its short lifetime, it made history.

1950s Race Car

There were rumors that Puma Sports was raced during its heyday that the original six cars have been reduced to two as of today. The current surviving Puma Sports, however, is no longer the original car that it was before. According to the surviving car’s owner, series of engine modifications happened. The latest GT car engine used on the Puma Sports was the Ford Cortina engine. Also, the gearbox was changed.

The picture of the Puma Sports you are seeing is no longer the original look of the Puma Sports too. Though with wider rims and a new set of tires for the surviving Puma Sports, you can still get the feel of the original 1950s Puma Sports. If you are thinking that oddities such as the Puma Sports are expensive, in fact, it is worth the price. It is pegged at $10,000.

What Cantwell proved is the fact that you can have your own car if you know what you are doing. Though it will not be enjoyed by many, the rarity and the exclusivity are what matters the most. Given the technological advances today, can people still build their own cars? Puma Sports is a rare case. Not only did Cantwell produced a car, but he produced a race car that competed during its heyday. It serves as a reminder that car manufacturing is easier than it looks.

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