Ford Shelby GT500: Stylish and Speedy Car

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Ford Shelby GT500 is a high-performance car known for its speed and efficiency. This version of mustang is speedy and can be relied on. The GT 500 is an improved version of GT 350 which was known for its small size and was very light.

The Shelby GT 500 was introduced in the market in 2005 at the international show in New York.  This car has a number of interesting features including the fact that it is a 6-speed manual transmission car with wheels that are 18 inches.

This car enjoys a 540 hp and is a 5.4-liter car with a V-8 version of the base which is speculated as to the fastest version of Ford cars ever to be released in the market. This is one of the cars which you must drive if you are the kind of person who values attention.  The car has received a lot of praise and has been declared in some quarters to be faster than light. 

The Shelby GT 500 is one greater car whose looks are good; the inside of the car is comfortable and is mostly made using leather materials.

For those who have had an opportunity of handling this car, there are a number of things that will make you love it. The braking system is perfect and the steering is light and one will be able to control this car easily. The starting power is ok and the finishing powder is also fantastic. This is one of the best American cars ever put on the road. Perhaps the only concern that should trouble you is the maintenance of this cobra which is anticipated to be a little bit high since the performance of the car is also high.

The part that needs regular maintenance or replacement includes the diff, the alternator, and the FPRS sensor. The engine of the GT 500 which has a functional cold air intake is unique in its calibration. The US market is certain to have more than 1000 units in its market with slightly more than 700 units destined for Canada and other markets.

Among the interesting features of the Shelby GT500 KR is the carbon fiber that comes with a composite hood, the twist-lock hood, and the fiber splitter. Other things that you will certainly enjoy in this car are the brake cooling duct which ensures that the braking system is operating optimally.

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