Why BMW Mini Getting Popularity Among GT Lovers

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There are different models of cars being introduced in the market every single day. BMW has not remained behind. It has introduced the BMW mini which is expected to captivate and inspire BMW car lovers. The announcement of the release of this car was made sometimes back even though the car was officially availed at the Geneva motor show.  The audience that was present at the show was fascinated by the model.

The excitement has increased the sale of the BMW mini up to 600 units in the first quarter of 2013. Of particular interest to BMW is the UAE lovers  Their love for this model is growing unabated with a total of BMW cars sold in that market totaling 3,223 units during the first quarter.

This represents 51 percent of all the units delivered across the globe. Of the AEU market, Abu Dhabi ranks high with 1,906 units delivered to this market.  This is an increased number especially if we look at the 9,000 units that were delivered across the AUE in 2012 and which represented 47 % of the total.

There are a number of factors which contributed greatly to the success of min BMW among other cars.

One of them is the increasing confidence in BMW products. The other factor is the stability of the economies of the UAE. The sale of the min BMW was higher than the sale of other BMW cars because of the popularity of this model.

The BMW Mini cooper which was a showcase in the 2012 Expo in Delhi came in two styles. There is the BMW Mini Cooper and the BMW. The BMW mini cooper is a small European luxury car owned by the BMW and has been used by the BMW to enhance its market share in the Indian market.

The launch of the Mini Cooper in this market is expected to increase the number of cars that are sold in the market. Initially, the mini cooper has been owned by several other carmakers after its inception and manufacture by the British Motor Corporation.

The debut of the new BMW Mini cooper in the Indian market has been received with enthusiasm with the price of the mini being set at Rs 25 Lakh. BMW wants to use this car to affirm its supremacy in this region. The BMW Mini Cooper will be offered in petrol versions only.

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