Honda CR-V: One of the Safest Cars in Europe?

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There are a lot of things to consider when buying a car. From the price to the overall look, these are some of the things that people look into. However, when it comes to a vehicle, it is imperative always to look into the safety details. It is important never to go for a car that just performs well. When it comes to car safety, European cars have been known for such a feature. Volvo had the impression of having a soccer mom’s vehicle because of its vehicles’ high NCAP rating over the past years. However, because of the demand for a safe vehicle, this is no longer just an isolated case with European cars. In fact, Honda is now becoming a strong contender when it comes to high performance and safe vehicles.

The CR-V was recently named as one of Europe’s safest cars. Based on the independent crash tests made by Euro NCAP, they received the best rating that a car could ever get.

Getting 5 stars from the independent crash test is something difficult. Since engineers focus on many aspects of car manufacturing, it is common that they tend to compromise a bit on safety.

Things NCAP Measured

There were different areas that NCAP looked into to gauge whether or not the car is actually safe or not. From the passenger’s protection to the child’s safety, these are some of the aspects that made the CR-V safe. Ever since the introduction of these testing parameters, Honda stepped up to meet the gold standard in-car safety. In fact, the Civic, Insight, Accord, and Jazz have all received 5 stars from Euro NCAP.

What this shows is the commitment of Honda when it comes to providing safety to their customers. Despite the fact that there are other issues to consider when it comes to building a car, they have focused and spent a tremendous amount of time improving the safety features of their vehicles.

The CR-V was made in the new manufacturing facility of Honda, in Swindon. Here, they build cars that would shape their brand. In fact, from safe vehicles that run on the road to hybrid vehicles that consume less petrol than conventional cars, these are some of the things that you can expect from the Japanese brand.

In terms of carbon dioxide emissions, the car only has 119 grams per kilometer. This simply means that it is the complete package in terms of car engineering design.

Highlights of The CR-V Safety Features

The car performed highly in the different parameters set by Euro NCAP. For instance, in the aspect of Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with traction control, the car was proven to be a great vehicle, especially during sharp maneuvers. The car can easily be controlled during cornering, acceleration, and sudden shifts in direction. With the right modulation of the engine torque, the CR-V became one of the best cars that ever came out of Honda’s factory.

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