The $4 Million Lamborghini Veneno: Is it Worth the Price?

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Lamborghini, the brand itself sounds expensive how much more for the upcoming 2014 Veneno? We all know that Lamborghini is one of those expensive and high-end cars in the world. Believe it or not, the Lamborghini Veneno roughly costs $4 million, and let’s find out why such a high price and what’s with the name.

Let’s start off with its name “Veneno” which stands for Venom in Spanish. This model comes with a snake-like look and its front resembles that of the snakes’ fangs.

To blow your minds off, this supercar was in fact designed by a 7-year-old boy who is a car fanatic. This may be why the Lamborghini Veneno looks like a fantasy car with a touch of fierceness for it was created out of a boy’s imagination and was brought to life by Lamborghini.

The Veneno Specifications

Because this is a supercar, I’m sure rich people expect specifications that will match the price of this car.

For starters, this car has a 6.5 litre V12 engine with a horsepower of 740. For its transmission, this one comes with 7 semi-automatic transmissions and its featured top speed is said to reach 220 mph.

It is said that this car uses the Aventador Chassis, its interior is quite overwhelming using a full carbon fibre CarbonSkin. How about the colors? Well, this car will feature three different colors; White, Red, and Green.

Limited Edition for the Rich

Let’s admit it, only those wealthy enough can afford this supercar. Although there are a lot of wealthy people out there, only three lucky billionaires will have the chance to purchase and acquire such a car.

The Lamborghini Veneno will release only 3 units and 3 people will have the chance to parade this carbon fibre supercar and guess what? This limited edition has been reserved and buyers have already deposited their money to ensure their Veneno cars are delivered on time.

These guys definitely have the budget for such supercar and to name one buyer who was a Ferrari fanatic back then is Mr. Antoine Dominic. Yes, he paid $4 million for this supercar without even seeing it. Lamborghini does not just accept money from three enthusiasts, the company meticulously chooses the three people who deserve this supercar and yes, Mr. Antoine Dominic deserves this car because of the fact that he is now a Lamborghini dealer.

What Do You Think?

Now that you know the specifications and have seen the beauty of this car, will you pay $4 million for this Veneno? I’m sure that if you do have the funds you will certainly purchase this supercar. Even I will not doubt buying this model for this kind of car will not grow old, it will never bore the eyes of people even if it’s already in the year 2020. The Lamborghini Veneno has the beauty that will never expire.

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