Koenigsegg Hundra: Evolving From Agera S

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There are instances when car manufacturing firms fail to meet the expectations of their followers. These instances happen commonly during an event of a successful car design. Heir to the flagship car’s throne is expected to be scrutinized by the critics. This is the reason why the Porsche 911 is still being marketed by Porsche as their main car. Will Koenigsegg experience the same situation when they try to replace the successful Koenigsegg Agera?

Based in Scandinavia, Koenigsegg is a sports car manufacturing company that prioritized quality over the number of cars they produced. The company knows the importance of technology in designing their cars. In 2010, the Koenigsegg Agera was named the Hypercar of the Year by Top Gear Magazine.

Today, the Agera S has been succeeded by the Koenigsegg Hundra. Presented in the 2013 Geneva Motorshow, the Koenigsegg Hundra marked the first decade of the sports car company. The meaning of Hundra is “hundred”.

Looking at the Koenigsegg Hundra, it looks somewhat familiar to the equally stunning Agera S. The big difference between the Agera S and the Koenigsegg Hundra is the fact that the Hundra was made of carbon fiber along with a 24-carat gold leaf. Because of the complexity in mixing gold with the car, the company started producing the Koenigsegg Hundra in September 2012, for them to present the car in the Geneva Motor Show.

A Closer Look at the Agera S

Since there are no concrete figures that can give us an idea of how fast or how slow the Koenigsegg Hundra is, let us look at the previous model’s specifications.

The closest thing to the Koenigsegg Hundra is the Agera S. The Agera S was marketed as an upgrade of the Agera R. Despite running on biofuel, the Agera S produces 1030 horsepower.


The company decided simply to include the Agera S engine in the Koenigsegg Hundra. This makes the Koenigsegg Hundra run on a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that generates more than 1,000 horsepower. 

If you think that the Koenigsegg Agera is already expensive, the Koenigsegg Hundra is valued at $1.6 million. Despite the hefty price of the vehicle, there is already a buyer of the Koenigsegg Hundra.

What to expect

In the past ten years, Koenigsegg already produced some of the best cars.  They even captured the title fastest production car with their CCR. Unfortunately, the Bugatti Veyron took the spot, a few months after, for the world’s fastest car. Despite the fact that the Bugatti was the fastest car, the Agera R holds the Guinness World Record for running 0 to 300 kilometers per hour for only 21.9 seconds.

Performance-wise, the Koenigsegg Hundra has a lot to prove. In fact, the Agera R for instance was running 443 kilometers per hour. Now, how many cars can run north of 400 kilometers per hour and still be considered legal? These are some of the things that GT car enthusiasts expect from the Koenigsegg Hundra.

For the company, when one of your cars breaks a world record, expect the media and followers to expect some more. When you have a vehicle claimed to be the replacement for the Agera S, you can expect people to look for results. And also, you don’t just put a 1 million dollar price tag on a GT car for no apparent reason. The Koenigsegg Hundra is expected to be as dynamic if not better than the previous Koenigsegg hypercars.

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