Shelby Mustang: A High-Performance American Muscle Car

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Muscle cars are the epitome of American engineering. Over the years, muscle cars dominated the race track. Also, it is a head-turner. With a menacing look and a high performing engine, this targets a specific niche. During the mid-60s, who would have known that the Shelby Mustang will come back stronger today? Running from 1965 to 1970, this muscle car is a high-performance car that achieved support from its market. Now why release the Shelby Mustang in 2007? Let’s admit that in 2007 onwards, the muscle cars are no longer as popular before. Given the energy crisis, it was common for most consumers to stick only with environmentally friendly cars.

History of the Shelby Mustang

The origin of the Shelby Mustang can be traced in 1965. During that time, the Shelby Mustang was the smallest and the lightest of the GT 350 cars. The Shelby Mustang was often called Cobra. Using the Cobra emblem, it was a marketing move for Shelby to make use of the iconic symbol with its muscle cars. The problem with this car was that it wasn’t built for comfort. The trend with the Shelby Mustang was that it became stockier by the year. Becoming a race car than an everyday car, the Shelby Mustang became the epitome of performance but not of comfort. Carrying the racing tradition, the company tried to share a muscle car that has a racing appeal to its market. 

In 1965, the Shelby Mustang became popular with the top stripes that were called “Le Mans”. It was one of the most requested paint for the Mustang during that time.


After 1970, it was a long hiatus for the Shelby Mustang. In 2006, the Shelby GT-H better known as the Shelby Mustang was showcased in New York Auto Show. Like the GT350H in the 60s, it has gold and black paint and available for rental. The New and improved Shelby Mustang made use of a V8 engine.

The car utilizes an additional 25 horsepower thanks to the Mustang GT powertrain.  It was re-launched to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Shelby GT350H. Because of this, only 500 were made.

After 2006, the company decided to mass-produce the car that became popular in the 1960s. Between 2007 and 2008, there were 6000 cars produced. Because of the strong resurgence in demand by the enthusiasts for muscle cars, Shelby offered a great number of additions to the car.

The Shelby Mustang is now known for having an aerodynamic design. With an additional hood scoop and a modern look, the Shelby Mustang becomes a fitting revival of a classic muscle car.

Because of the lack of sales in the car industry from 2007 onwards, Ford, fortunately, made use of rentals in order to popularize the Shelby Mustang. With the rentals, the Shelby Mustang was even offered as a convertible. Since the main product is still the Shelby muscle car, the convertible was limited in number. When you have a 662 horsepower muscle car, you can expect only the best. The Shelby Mustang was a classic and, therefore, it takes a really good car to be worthy of carrying the name. Now, this car model is one of the most popular muscle cars sold by Ford.

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