Choosing the Best Tires For Your Car

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Whether you have a top-notch car or a mid-range sedan, it is imperative to have the best tires. This is a make or break decision for GT cars or any vehicle for that matter. GT cars are known for high-speed performance. Without the right tires, it is easy to have your car underperform. Awareness of how to choose the best tires for your car can save you from the trouble of changing tires in the middle of the road. To choose the right tire, you need to know the basics.

A tire is made of rubber that provides the necessary cushion to your car and the road. It also allows the car to function well without destroying the rims or scratching the body of the vehicle. The most important function of the tires that will affect the handling of the vehicle is friction. The tires can become a source of an accident without proper traction with the road. Given the importance of choosing the right tires, there are two available options. One is a cross-ply, and the other is a radial tire.

Radial tires are more commonly seen on passenger vehicles, while the cross-ply tires are more common for lightweight vehicles. Now that you know a tire construction, you need to know which brand you want to go for.

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Choosing the right brand of tires is crucial to your car’s performance. In the past, there were tires that had a bad reputation. These brands become the cause of accidents and even death. Firestone Tire and Rubber Company for instance in 1996 was involved in many rollover problems among Ford cars. According to the state agencies in Arizona, Firestone 500 tires were responsible for many accidents between 1978 and 2000. This led to a recall of Firestone 500 defective tires. The recall involved millions of bad tires.

These defective tires caused 41 deaths according to the NHTSA documents. Sticking to a reputable brand is always a good idea. And though some companies will ask more from you, it is a good investment considering the peace of mind that you are going to have.

All Seasons Tires

If you live in the US or in any part of America, it is a good idea to purchase all-season tires. All-season tires can save you a lot of money. You don’t have to buy and replace the tires every now and then.

When it comes to all-season tires, one of the best in the market today is the Michelin MXM4 205/55R-16. Though you really can’t rely on these tires for serious snow, you can expect a good overall grip that can improve your handling.

So what if you own a sports car? If you invested a lot of money on a $100,000 GT car, you would also want high-end tires. According to the expert mechanics, a Michelin Pilot Sport AS+ can do the job. You have to be cautious though that these tires will only hold its own during fair weather. Don’t expect these tires to be the best choice for bad weather. But of course, you can still get a decent performance in case you are caught with bad weather you have to deal with.

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