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If you are looking for a 4-liter displacement vehicle that conquers the road with its V8 engine, then prepare yourself for the Audi S6. The Audi S6 is a turning point in today’s car manufacturing industry. Aside from the muscular, and performance-driven design, it is also providing hints to what drivers can expect when it comes to the future of self-driving.

For $87,720, this car can be yours. Based on the different upscale vehicles that are at par with the Audi S6, this is not yet the most expensive of them all.

Given the price, performance, and the overall appeal that it carries, it is comparable to a BMW M5 or a Mercedes Benz E63.

Released in India

Now, Audi is trying to explore the Asian region by releasing the Audi S6 in India. The company just released the luxury car in India for Rs 85.99 lakh. What can you expect from the sporty Audi S6?

Well, for starters, this powerful vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.6 seconds.

Loaded with all the things that you can expect from a luxury car, the Audi S6 can easily persuade the Indian market with its high-speed performance, top of the line interiors and safety. Among the great features of the Audi S6 is the Cylinder-on-Demand capability that shuts down half of the cylinders when they are not in use. Considering the India traffic, this is definitely going to come in handy.

Internet Savvy

Another great feature of the Audi S6 is its Audi Connect feature. It provides an in-car wi-fi hotspot connected to the T Mobile 3G network. Though, of course, there is always room for improvement. Among the first impressions regarding the internet speed of the Audi Connect is that it is slow. Fortunately, the use of speech recognition is present within the car’s program. It provides you with access points to the different restaurants, gas stations, and other locations.

Future of Self Driving

Just when Google and Tesla are experimenting on self-driving cars, Audi gave a hint of their brand’s future direction.

In fact, there are around a dozen cameras that can provide different angles for the driver. Whether it is the rear, the side, or some blind spot, cameras will provide you a sight on what to expect on the road.

All the cameras, when used together, will generate an image summarized by Audi. With these cameras, you can also enjoy the lane change assistance. And if there is a pedestrian crossing, it has a sensor that can track heat signatures 1000 feet away.

Audi S6 is simply an amazing car. Not only is it a standout among brands like BMW and Mercedes because of what is under the hood, but it modernizes driving. It has the potential to save lives and also to provide an easier time on the road. Now that it is present in India, the German automotive firm is trying to broaden its influence.

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