Ferrari 599: The 2013 Chapter

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The Ferrari over has captured the imagination of people who love cars. The Ferrari Berlinetta is today’s latest Ferrari car. Before the 2013 Ferrari F12, the Ferrari 599 was the car face of the Italian car manufacturing company. Looking at Ferrari 599, it can easily fair against the new cars developed for 2013. Given the stature of Ferrari as a car manufacturing company, their cars become classics after retirement from the flagship position.

The Ferrari 599 was originally the flagship car of the Ferrari from 2006 to 2012. The two-seat Ferrari was the successor of the Ferrari 575M Maranello. The design of the Ferrari 599 was made by the reputable Frank Stephenson together with the car design company Pininfarina.

The Ferrari 599 was also called the Ferrari GTO among the car enthusiasts. The origin of the Ferrari 599 name was from its total engine displacement, which was 5999 cc. The Ferrari 599 is less powerful than its newer counterpart, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The F12 has a total displacement of 6262cc.

Ferrari designed the Ferrari 599 as a V12 powered vehicle. Generating 612 horsepower, this is a classic GT car and probably one of the most powerful cars from the Italian car manufacturing company.  Unlike other cars that make use of turbochargers, the Ferrari 599 design uses a stand-alone V12 engine design. The thing with the design of the Ferrari 599 was that it exceeded the 100 horsepower per liter displacement expectation.

Using a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6 speed F1 superfast alternative, the Ferrari offers the best of both worlds to their drivers. The Ferrari 599 was also made for the comfort of the driver.

Using the MagneRide suspension, critics were impressed with the way the Ferrari 599 was driven. And of course, since the car is running at high speed, the engineers invested in the F1-Trac system that provides added traction to the Ferrari 599.

Performance of the Ferrari 599

Ferrari 599 can compete against any other GT car. Whether it’s the new Berlinetta or the other classic GT cars, the Ferrari 599 can easily outrun most cars with its top speed of 330 kilometers per hour. Accelerating at 3.7 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour, the Ferrari 599 is one of the best cars that ever graced the Ferrari factory.


There were other variants for the Ferrari 599. In fact, one of the most popular variants of the Ferrari 599 was the HGTE Package.

HGTE stands for Handling Gran Turismo Evoluzione. The set up includes a rear anti-roll bar, as well as new calibration for the MagneRide set up. This allows the HGTE to have better handling compared to the original Ferrari 599.

By 2010, Ferrari released the 599 GTO. The claim of Ferrari during that time was that the newest variant of the Ferrari 599 was the fastest car ever produced by the Italian company. Reaching a top speed of 335 kilometers per hour, it falls short of the new 2013 Berlinetta’s speed limit record of 340 kilometers per hour. For every Ferrari flagship GT car, you can expect an instant classic. Evaluating the Ferrari 599 in contrast to its successor, it is obvious how adjustments were made. The company made the Berlinetta even better than the already impressive Ferrari 599.

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