Penthouse On Wheels: 2013 BMW 760Li

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BMW has crafted an ultra-high performance luxury sedan disguised as an unassuming four-door vehicle. Under the hood, however, reveals a monster car able to transport its passengers across town at 155 mph. The 2013 BMW 760Li doesn’t take its title of luxury lightly either. GTSpirit describes the experience as akin to “driving a Manhattan penthouse.”


As expected, the top of the line BMW 7 series doesn’t disappoint in exuding raw power. Pop the hood for a twin-turbocharged, 6.0-liter V-12 engine that packs 535 hp and 533-lb-ft of torque through an eight-speed automatic. Even though the car weighs a hefty 5000 lbs, drivers won’t feel the bulk.

Flooring the pedal from stand-still rockets the car to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Lead-footed drivers will notice as Car and Driver noted, the acceleration of the 760Li is so ludicrously rapid that the head-up display’s speed indicator can’t keep up with the escalating mph numbers.

Though the 760Li comes with alloy wheels and run-flat tires, you may want more suitable ultra-high performance tires to match your high-performance vehicle. The Goodyear Excellence ROF, for example, provides an ideal blend of responsive handling and wide tire grooves that will suit BMW drivers’ sophisticated tastes. BMW 760Li owners may also look into premium Michelin tires like the Pilot Primacy that offers exceptional wet and dry handling — if not installed on the car already.

The BMW’s fuel economy is certainly nothing to brag about, but that’s to be expected on a high-performance sedan.

If you’re looking for a BMW with a superior fuel economy, you’re better off with the 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 5. The 760Li achieves an EPA-estimated 13/20 mpg on city/highway. As for its range in miles, says the 760Li can travel 274.3/422 miles city/highway.

Luxury Features

Silky leather seating and massaging front seats come as standard luxury features. Massaging rear seats are optional. Driver seats and multi-level heating passenger seats come with power-adjustable lumbar support for optimal comfort.

Sixteen speakers and two subwoofers offer extraordinary sound, and music enthusiasts may want to upgrade to the Bang & Olufsen audio system for a cutting-edge listening experience (offered with the M Sport Package). Sirius XM satellite radio and 12 months of provided service are standard features.

This luxury sedan is loaded with safety features. Front head, rear head, and dual front side-mounted airbags deploy in a collision. Driver and passenger head restraint systems protect against whiplash.

The active cruise control comes with collision mitigation. Electronic brake force distribution and emergency braking assist ensure that drivers are able quickly to stop when the situation goes awry. BMW also offers optional emergency service and stolen vehicle tracking and assistance. The 760Li’s night-vision camera and the display will come in handy when spotting cop cars hiding in the dark of the night as well as darting animals and pedestrians.

The two optional packages, the M Sport Package and BMW Individual Composition come with additional features and enhancements.

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