The Endless Capabilities of 2014 Subaru Outback

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Are you having trouble deciding on what car to purchase this upcoming 2014? First things first, when purchasing a car, you decide on what brand to purchase and check on its latest models, specs, and its pros and cons. Let me show you what Subaru has to offer that will change your mind and go for their latest car.

The 2014 Subaru Outback is known to have endless and no non-sense capacity. This is a mid-sized car which is an SUV type said to be iconic and modern in its own simple yet appealing way. Whether it is for off-road travel or not, this car is built for anything.

How about the weather? Fret not for this one can also withstand different weather conditions. To all future owners of this car, please note that this one comes with a dominant and overpowering performance. For starters, this one uses an engine with 4 cylinders that are built to handle nimbly. The 2014 Subaru Outback features an all-wheel driving system that it can even perform up to 30 MPG along the highway!

Power in this car is not questionable plus it comes with a manual transmission however its CVT is said to be in automatic form. Users can expect to have paddle shifters which enable a good and fun driving experience. This latest update has a lot of new stuff in it such as the so-called “cold weather package”. Here drivers will enjoy the car navigation system plus it offers assistance with the help of its eyesight driver assist feature.

Most Subaru enthusiasts claimed that this car comes with amazing space including its 2nd row, it even has a cargo room and the price is very affordable.

When it comes to safety, this car should be on top of your list. As mentioned, it uses eyesight assistance which is mounted right at the rearview mirror of the car to help the driver see and detect any obstacles. In cases of collision, this one comes with a pre-collision braking system which automatically breaks to avoid colliding into anything.

Another impressive feature is the car’s ability to detect lanes when driving which beeps in case the car went out of its normal path to warn the driver. In fact, this car received a perfect rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in terms of its safety.

The car’s interior is comfortable and roomy. Additional features are the USB port, stereo, and CD for entertainment. It uses a 2.5-liter engine with handy features like its tilt or telescopic steering wheel, it is a keyless feature and a lot of good other features that are worth buying. The price is also reasonable to think it comes with amazing safety features, there’s nothing more you can ask for which simply gives this car endless capabilities.

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