Volvo V60: The Underrated Car On The Showrooms

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A Volvo V60 is an underrated car. Most of the time, a lot of people will equate a Volvo to your typical conservative family van. Is this always the case? The Volvo V60 will prove that it is the exact opposite of this notion. The Volvo V60 was showcased in the most recent 2013 New York Auto Show. For the American market, there is that constant demand for cross over concepts. The Volvo V60 proved to the world that it has what it takes to become commercially successful by mixing an SUV with a wagon.

So what is exactly good about the V60 wagon/SUV? First of all, it looks expensive. The car doesn’t give you the impression that it is just another van for the family.

Though it is not a GT car made by Volvo, it is on the other hand, a great vehicle for a family man or simply for anyone who loves the road. The right term for the Volvo V60 is actually neither a wagon nor an SUV. In fact, the right term for this vehicle is a sports wagon.

In a recent report, the Volvo V60 is currently becoming in demand. According to the company, the sports wagon was such a hit that they are now planning an additional 10,000 units. In September of last year, the Volvo V60 was already out of stock. With the initial projection of getting 5,000 more Volvo V60 on the road for 2014, it is not far from the possibility that the company will even project for bigger numbers based on the current demand. The price for the Volvo V60 isn’t actually cheap.

Considering the fact that you can now purchase a Mercedes Benz in under a $50,000 price tag, the Volvo V60 is pegged at $80,000. Though it looked unassuming in the recent motor show, it was really a great product that has a broad market.

Environmentally Friendly

If you will look at cars today, it is crucial that the efficiency of the fuel is always considered. Even the V8 or even the V12 engines will have a technology that will reduce its fuel use. On the part of the Volvo V60 engine, it has 32 miles of electric power. Also, it only has an emission result of 120g/km. In addition to this, it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just six seconds. Now, that is not far from the performance of the Maserati!

Everything about the Volvo is a great car these days. Aside from safety, it also offers superb performance. However, if there is any part of the car that will need to have some revamp, it would have to be the electronics. The Volvo V60 is, in fact, compared to the re-engineered Ford Mondeo.

In summary, the Volvo V60 is an unassuming vehicle that can easily go toe to toe with a GT car. Though you can see it as a wagon and an SUV, it is actually a high-end vehicle. Aside from the electronic concern, the Volvo V60 is an engineering marvel. Despite running only on a basic four-cylinder engine, it shows potential with its performance.

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