Geneva Motor Show: Venue of Supercars

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The International Geneva Motor Show is annually being held since 1905 at the Geneva Palexpo Convention center. Over the years, it witnessed some of the world’s best in automobile engineering. It showcased the importance of technology in the automotive industry.  The Geneva Motor Show hosted some of the best models of the generation. Not only that, the convention introduced cars from steam-powered cars to hybrid concept cars.

The Geneva Motor Show is considered as a level playing field for the best car manufacturers considering the fact that Switzerland also lacks an automotive industry. Thus, you can expect the country to be transparent to every car manufacturer who wants to showcase their cars.

Pros and Cons of the Geneva Motor Show

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing to release a car model at the Geneva Motor Show?

For the advantages, it is worth mentioning that the Geneva Motor Show is highly anticipated since the early 1900s. It has become synonymous with the trends present in the automotive industry. It showcased the importance of technology on cars.

From the best designs to changes in the engine’s performance, these things will be scrutinized by car enthusiasts all over the world. If the car manufacturing company desires the top spot in the auto world, this is one of the few motor shows that they need to secure for the year.

Impressing the audience in Switzerland can guarantee good reviews of the car. Ultimately, even if it is only one car that was praised by the critics in the Geneva Motor Show, this can still hold the key to the car manufacturer’s success. It can translate to sales of their conventional models. Simply put, the Geneva Motor Show boosts the reputation of car manufacturers all over the world.

As for the downside of participating in the Geneva Motor Show, when you go face to face against brands like Porsche, Ferrari, and Mercedes Benz, expect that you are going face tough competition. It is easy to get left behind in these types of car conventions considering the competition.

Is it worth it?

Geneva Motor Show is all about showcasing the best in the automotive industry. If the car manufacturer can offer something new to the market, it is always a good idea to participate in the International Geneva Motor Show. It has the capacity to cement legacies as well as to create stigma on what the car manufacturing firm is.


Gone are the days when designs are purely aesthetics in value. There is a strong demand on the part of car owners to have a car that can look good and perform on the streets. Every year, car enthusiasts notice GT cars with improved aerodynamic design and fuel efficiency. These are steps taken by the car manufacturers in order to catapult the brand’s reputation to be the best in the business.

Another trend that is slowly becoming popular is the presence of hybrid and electric cars. These electric cars are not just any other vehicle. These are prestigious cars that have $600,000 price tags. The manufacturers showcase their environmentally friendly designs at Geneva Motor Show to prove a point. Though fossil fuel is the most convenient option in engineering cars, their team can provide better and more environmentally friendly designs that can go against top-notch GT cars in the market today.

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