The Most Beautiful GT Cars of 2012 in GT Cars Market

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Ferrari paraded the best of his cars in the celebration of Bridgehampton Polo Club opening day. The ceremony was attended by a crowd of men who were excited and frenetic about the celebration. The red Ferrari 250 GT car was declared the most beautiful car of the celebration. Other vehicles that were highly featured are the Jaguar and Porsche 911 GT car which was equally celebrated as the most beautiful cars in the celebrations. Paraded also were new models such as the Lamborghini.

Avendor v12  is credited for its highest power-weight ratio and has always been considered as a car in its own class by man. Its body made from carbon fiber has the capability of moving at a speed of 60 miles/hour. The car is good-looking and is admirable.

These cars were described by Michael Prichinello as outlandish, interplanetary, and sexy. McLaren MP4-12C GT which has a 616hp V8 engine with the capability of a 7 speed and is capable of moving at 62mph in a span of 3.1 seconds was also celebrated. The car is fuel-efficient and the company plans to manufacture only 1200 cars with the American market expected to have 700 of them. Other brands that were also featured include Jaguar F-type, Zenvo ST1 Supercar, and Ferrari 458 Spider.

Other great cars which could not make it to the list of beautiful cars include Ferrari FF and Porsche Panamera GT car which is equally great and fast but the fact that their looks were not beautiful made it difficult for them to be featured. For instance, the Ferrari FF looks funny and this must be one of the reasons that make it not to be featured on the list of beautiful cars.

This is not the case for Aston Martin V12 Zagato which is a 6.0-liter car and 510 HP. This vehicle has 420-pound torque. The engine of this car is mid-mounted and is well situated giving the car an advantage. The car accelerates from o to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. The maximum speed of this car is 190mph.

Even though Zagato does not benefit from the new technology, its body is beautifully done and the curves are graceful and powerful. This is why it is referred to as a gentleman’s car.  This vehicle is expensive and sells at $300,000 with production restricted to 150. It is argued that the beauty of this car is perhaps what determines its price.

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