Vibrating Seats: The New Age of Car Safety Features

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There are a lot of reasons why car crash accidents happen. Car crash accidents can cause serious injuries and death. Through the years, safety features changed the landscape of the automotive industry. This showed the importance of technology in saving lives on the roads. Stringent crash tests are done in order to test the amount of damage a driver and a passenger can receive when using a specific car. If you will look at the statistics in the past decades, there are instances when 28,000 deaths happened due to drivers falling asleep when they are driving. Whether it’s because of sleep apnea, monotonous driving conditions, or simply carelessness on the part of the driver; it is important that you stay awake and alert when driving. GMC designed a revolutionary way to reduce the number of accidents due to drivers falling asleep.

General Motors Company designed the very first vibrating seats. The company believes that awareness of the driver is always compromised especially when work conditions are becoming harder every year. With this premise, they designed the vibrating seats using the GM haptic seat technology.

Basically, it works by vibrating when your car is traveling more than 35 miles per hour and you make a turn without using the signal. Once this has been detected by the system, the vibrating seats will signal which side you are drifting.

Possible Crossover to GT Cars

GT cars are known all over the world as high-speed vehicles. Vehicles that are running fast can produce a stronger impact that can be fatal not only on the person driving but also on the other motorists. What the vibrating seats can deliver is a way to avoid these high impact collisions. When driving alone, the vibrating seats can be a great tool to keep your alertness level checked.

Cons of the Vibrating Seats

Though it has the potential to be marketed as a standard safety feature in modern GT cars and also in conventional vehicles, people don’t just react the same way with vibration.

It can be stimulating a person to fall deeper into his or her sleep, or it can cause panic. Is this a good idea? Only time will tell if the vibrating seats can really decrease road accidents by a significant margin.

Bright Side to the Vibrating Seats

If all things are followed, hopefully, this can decrease accidents. This shows the importance of technology in improving the overall safety of cars worldwide. As for the bright side of the vibrating seats, this can also facilitate learning how to use the signals properly when changing lanes.

This etiquette is rarely followed in different parts of the world. This technology might be the key to change this bad habit of changing lanes without becoming polite to your fellow motorists.

There is no guarantee that the vibrating seats will become legal all over the world. There may be a lot of contentions to new technology. However, it is a good thing to see more car manufacturing firms putting an effort to solve present problems seen on the road. Given the consequences of driving with decreasing awareness, the last thing you want is a head-on collision with a car from the other lane.

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