What to Expect From the 2015 Chevrolet Code

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Muscle cars have become a strong market in the US. It has become part of the car market for quite some time because of the powerful engine and aesthetic designs. Unfortunately, car consumers are wiser these days. They now look at a car’s overall rating by also checking the economical side of things. This only means that its engine should not only be powerful, but it should also give you a low cost per mile.

Chevrolet is one of the best car manufacturers in the US. If you are looking to have a muscle car, there are only two cars that will come to your mind. You can either have a Chevrolet or you will go for a Ford Mustang. These two brands have gained popularity from the car enthusiasts because of their V8 to V12 engines. Over the years, they exchanged back and forth for the nod of the muscle car market.

Eco-Friendly Muscle Car?

In March 2012, in the Detroit Motor Show, the Code 130R better known as the Chevrolet Code was introduced. Given the price tag of $20,000, this can be an attractive car to purchase. The good news is that you have quite some time to prepare for it. Up for sale by 2015, the Chevrolet Code is powered by a 1.4-liter turbo engine that generates 150 horsepower. What the car provides, in addition to the 150 horsepower engine, is an electric motor that revs an additional 15 horsepower.

This eco model is a great way to broaden the muscle car market of the Chevy. The Chevrolet Code is an example of a new breed muscle car. Because of the eco-friendly designs of most new sedans today, it is a great thing that General Motors is trying to change the impression on their muscle cars.

During the Detroit Motor Show, the Code 130R is the basis for the Chevrolet Code 2015. There is a strong likelihood that this car will be released by 2015 because of the positive response of its critics during the Detroit Motor Show.

The Future of Chevy is bright with the use of their Chevy Code 130R concept car during the 2012 Detroit Show.

Concept 130R

The concept of the Chevrolet Code 130R came from Nicholas David. Knowing the demographic of young buyers today, they prepared the car suited to the new tastes of the younger demographic.

In fact, General Motors surveyed UCLA students on what they really love about a muscle car. Between 14-20-year-old respondents were used by the GM design director Frank Saucedo. From here, Nicholas David made the necessary innovation.

According to GM, they are now planning to make the Chevy Code 130R as the alternative to Subaru BRZ, and even BMW 1 Series. This simply means that it breaks out from its market of simply muscle cars. Being a lightweight and eco-friendly car, the future is bright for the Chevrolet Code 130R. Since it is not really finalized yet, there are rumors that the 2015 Chevy will have a 270 horsepower 2.0-liter turbo engine. This is something more powerful than what was previously reported.

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