First Car Seat Synched With Smart Phone

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There are a lot of ways in how car manufacturers produce cars that have been influenced by new technologies. In fact, even Google is now developing a self-driving car. This is not the only technology that is becoming popular today. In fact, car manufacturing companies like Tesla invested a great amount of money in order to produce cars that are efficient without depending on petrol.

One of the things that no one can deny is the versatility of smartphones. Smartphones made use of the internet and, therefore, provided different conveniences that we now experience. The boom in the smartphone market provided innovations in the automotive industry, as well. From the simple use of GPS to the now looming use of smartphone synched seats, the future is bright for the car manufacturers thanks to smartphone technology.

TOMY International

TOMY International is now planning to revolutionize the car manufacturing industry with their car seat that can provide extra safety to children in people’s cars. The goal of the smartphone synched seats is to alert the parents of the potential dangers that their children could experience on the seat of their cars.

For instance, the child moves out of the car while the vehicle is in motion or if the child is left in the car seat when the vehicle is stopped. Basically, it will remind the parents to buckle their children whenever they get to the car. This will also provide an accurate display regarding the temperature in the backseat of the car.

Reasons for a Change

There are a lot of safety issues that parents need to think of. From the car’s overall safety to the child to the additional protective equipment that they can add depending on the age of the child on the car, the list goes on and on for a parent to protect their child inside a car.

For the new parents, this is a good thing. The application will be called IAlert Convertible Car Seat. For $350, it has a large market.

Why it Matters for GT Car Brands?

The GT cars are not the same as before. Now, the definition of a GT car has broadened. In the past, Grand Touring titles are only reserved for the Aston Martins and the Mercedes.

Now, even Kia is producing a hatchback with a GT title. The point is that the GT title is now merging towards the family cars. It only means that it will most likely have a child in the back seat. Therefore, it is important to have an additional safety feature.

Safety Sells

One of the strong sell points of cars like CR-V and the Volvo vehicles is their high Euro NCAP rating. This simply means that consumers are not only getting cars because of the aesthetic appeal but also for the safety features it provides. Another thing that makes the iAlert Convertible Car Seat app a great product is the fact that it is handy. Considering the number of people with smartphones, this is now practical.

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