GT Cars With Low Carbon Monoxide Emissions

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GT cars are known for high-speed performances. Because of the powerful engines and the perfectly designed body, these machines can run up to 300 kilometers per hour. The problem with performance vehicles though is that these cars have a large amount of carbon monoxide emissions. Fortunately, things are now changing. GT car technology changed over the years in reaction to the changing climate. The presence of hybrid car models, as well as electric cars, made it possible for high-performance vehicles to have low carbon monoxide emissions. Low carbon monoxide emission is necessary to prevent the world from changing so drastically. So what are the best GT cars with low carbon monoxide emissions?

Venturi Fetish

A French car manufacturing company that started in 1984, they created the Venturi Fetish. Venturi Fetish is the pioneer in the green automotive industry. The Venturi Fetish became the very first two-seat electrically powered GT car. Unfortunately, due to the small manufacturing capacity of Venturi, only 50 people worldwide have this vehicle.

Bentley Continental GT 4WD

The Bentley Continental GT 2013 is a one of a kind car. Despite running on a V8 engine, it still had a decent score in its carbon monoxide emission test. Bentley has been known for performance vehicles over the years. Driven to go beyond breaking speed records and selling luxurious vehicles, they focused on generating a car that is also friendly to the environment.

Montecarlo BRC W12

The founder of the company, Fulvio Ballaio was a former F1 driver. He eventually founded Montecarlo Automobiles. They pioneered the very first GT car built entirely of carbon, The Centenaire. In the last quarter of 2012, Montecarlo Automobiles showcased the Montecarlo BRC.

Though having an Audi engine, it is powered by LPG. Participating in Monza, the LPG operated GT car finished 8th overall. This is a great feat considering a reduction in the horsepower is expected with the use of LPG.

Green H2 Race Car

Green GT H2 Racecar is powered by a fuel hydrogen cell. Though passing the carbon monoxide emission test with flying colors, you can expect 537 horsepower from this vehicle. Also, it is 3 times more powerful than the equally environmentally friendly Bugatti Veyron.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive

German engineering has always been well represented by Mercedes Benz. When being environmentally friendly is equally important to the car’s performance, Mercedes Benz released an SLS variant with zero carbon monoxide emission.

The German car manufacturer eliminated carbon monoxide emission by relying on electricity for the SLS AMG. Though powered by a hulking V8 engine, it remains efficient thanks to the e-cells used by the electric car.

Carbon monoxide emission is a contributing factor to the changing environment. Given the reliance of our world on fossil fuel, it will not take so long until the drawbacks of global warming affect major economies. The automotive industry is partly to blame for the current carbon monoxide emission that the world experiences. Fortunately, there are steps that we can take to make things better. Improving the engines through modern engineering can help reduce carbon monoxide through the new cars sold in the market.

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