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There are a number of reasons why Gran Turismo5 is considered the best championship. This is the fifth tournament in the Gran Turismo series which was developed by Polyphony digital. The championship was published by Sony Computer Entertainment and play station3.  It is an expansion of the game prologue and is one of the races that can be played by 16 players.  The championship provides for use of over 1000 cars with 26 locations.  The tracks that can be used in the championship are 71 in number.

Gran Turismo 5 is among the few championships that provide for external damage modeling in the competition. The variation of the damage depends on whether the car is premium or standard.  The effect of weather on this car is a big consideration in particular circuits. 

It is one of the few championships that have introduced visual effects which include dynamic skid marks, the ability for the drivers to drive with flash headlights and through the dust.  The player is free to use a lane of his choice in the championship.

This championship unlike other championships boasts of a number of cars one chose from depending on the circuit that is to be pursued. 

The themes affect the track lenGTh and the elevation. GT 5 is far better than the GT 4 championship in the sense that since unlike the GT 4 where cars were allowed to turn instantly, GT5 does not allow for that but allows them to turn realistically after loading the outside wheel.

GT5 is considered better than any other championship because it includes both mechanical and external damage modeling. It also includes a deformation engine that will process any model deformation depending on the angle of impact and the speed of the car.

In this championship, the overturning of the car is provided for and the car that has been involved in accidents can be fixed and allowed back in the championship.

GT 5 allows each player to drive to up to 31 different scenes and locations. It provides for 81 different tracks that can be used. Gran Turismo 5 remains one of the leading championships that provides for a total of 1083 cars.

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